In any industry or organization, the productivity and quality is directly proportional to the health of its employees. A labour is much prone to get the injury or trauma as he is exposed to various risk factors present there. Be it physical health, mental health or social health, that person can be affected in anyway. Be a corporate official, a factory worker or any job worker; health can be hamper through various means.

In this program, we create awareness about the various risk factors present at workplace to affect the health and their management. The occupational hazards, their safety measures, stress management, nutrition management, ergonomics and occupational socialism are the key features of this program. Along with it, Behaviour based safety program and office safety programs are also provided.

As this program is delivered by the qualified medical professionals, so the understanding of this program is much more directional and output specific.

We are delivering this program since years in many government, autonomous and private sectors, so the experience keeps us on front foot always. We have a highly specialized team to frame the module on the same to make it much effective in every aspect.