Every person is bound in his four domains in entire life- Career, family, friends and self. How much we prioritize the things accordingly in our life is still questionable. And so the stress comes due to improper balance among them. In this workshop, we advise how to maintain the balance between the personal and professional life so that the stress due to it, can be overcome. Work life balance is an essential component in any employee’s life as he handles both the domain of his life in same time. What can be the best method to make a balance and how we can maintain it forever is a key concept of the theme.

How much we are capable of making the goals of our life and how much we are capable of achieving it...it all depends on our activities to make Work life balance. Along with it, the emphasis is given on creating our own ‘Wheel of Life’ to understand the strategies in an efficient way. The tips like taking responsibilities at workplace and proper planning is also covered during the talk. The workshop is completely activity based to learn the concept effectively.