Acupuncture - Good or Bad?

“The main aim is to balance the energy flow in the body”.

·        It can boost well-being and cure many illnesses such as: headache, low back pain, neck pain, arthritis, dental pain, labor pain, menstrual cramps and various respiratory disorders like, allergic rhinitis.

·        It also helps to treat nausea caused by surgery and cancer chemotherapy.

·        It also helps with stroke rehabilitation.

·        It also helps to reduce stress which is important systemic effect of acupuncture.

·        It helps the patients for whom painkillers are not suitable.

How does it work?

Acupuncture points stimulate your central nervous system which in turn release chemical in your muscles, spinal cord and brain. These are called biochemical changes, which further activate body’s natural ability and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Risks and side effects:

All therapies have risks and benefits. Acupuncture is safe if performed correctly. There are very few side effects.

·        It is risky is patient is taking blood thinners or having a bleeding disorder.

·        Bleeding, soreness and bruising can occur at the insertion sites.

·        Unsterilized needles can infect the patient.

·        Rarely, needle may break and affect internal organs.

Acupuncture points:

There are some points that you can massage and press at home. But it is highly advisable NEVER try acupuncture on your own, if you have no idea about it.

·        For menstrual cramps, massage a hollow area of your inner ankle

·        For insomnia, pres the spot between your eyebrow, first clockwise then counter- clockwise.

·        For low back pain, press the area between middle nose and upper lip.

·        For headache, press the point between thumb and first finger.

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