All about Premenstrual Syndrome!

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is a group of symptoms that happen prior to periods. The symptoms can be physical, emotional or a combination of both. These usually occur one or two weeks prior to periods. 
PMS is a very subjective topic as it usually exaggerates when you keep on thinking about it or expect it to happen. Although there are certain hormonal changes in the body that takes place and lead to PMS.
The symptoms vary from one female to another. It can range from feeling very little or no discomfort to having tender breasts, feeling fatigue and bloating along with emotional changes like mood swings, irritability etc.
Symptoms can be physical as well as emotional and includes:
1. Difficulty in concentration.
2. Low mood and severe mood swings.
3. Difficulty in sleeping.
4. Anxiety, restlessness, anger and irritability.
5. Appetite changes and food cravings specially sweets.
6. Reduced sex drive or libido.
7. Cramps and bloating.
8. Tenderness in breasts.
9. Headache and sensitivity to light and sound.
10. Upset stomach leading to diarrhea and constipation.
1. Eat balanced diet that incorporates all the nutrients with plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains.
2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and ease bloating and cramps.
3. Drink herbal teas.
4. Reduce the intake of alcohol, sugar and caffeine.
5. Take 8 hours of sleep.

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