Your Health or Environmental Health


Environment plays a vital role in promoting your health status. Environment directly impacts your health. The way different communities stay, the food they eat, the air they breathe all have certain results on the health of an individual. If you are staying near industrial area that is exposed to polluted air, water and food can give rise to many diseases.

-Toxic gases produced from industries leads to n number of lung diseases including lung fibrosis, lung cancer and many more.

-Toxic water leads to typhoid, jaundice and severe health issues.

Hazardous materials and contaminated sites also lead to dangerous infections which increases mortality rate in the communities residing to those areas. Environment can either promote public health or lead to hazards depending upon the quality of it. For instance, the backward communities residing in poor hygiene are prone to water borne and air borne disease.

Environment has a crucial role in keeping an individual fit and healthy. Hygienic environment is the best for leading a health life. You should take care of the hygiene and the kind of environment you are living in. Ignoring the quality of air and water in long run can lead to dangerous consequences medically.

 Occupational hazards these days are also affecting the quality of life as desk jobs and workplace environment are giving rise to back pain and cervical pain.

You should always take care of the environmental hygiene to avoid health issues and should incorporate exercises in your daily routine to avoid health issues related to occupation.

 If you are still not aware of the fact that you are in a hazardous environment you should get yourself checked medically every 6 months and do regular exercises that can keep the body fit and also build up immunity to sustain such type of environment.

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