Getting Periods cramp. Try these Tips.!

Are you one of those God's favorite females who does not go through cramps during periods? If "NO" , then go ahead and read the whole article to learn some really good cramp relieving exercises.


Prostaglandins are the compounds known to cause period cramps. Prostaglandin level increase in the uterine lining before starting of periods each month. Its level is the highest on the first day. During periods, you can feel pain  around your abdomen, lower back, and thighs, as the uterine muscles are contracting and relaxing to expel out the uterine lining in case of no fertilisation.


1. Bridging: Lie down with both the knees bent. Feet should be flat on the floor. Hands on sides. Raise your buttocks 1-2 inches above the surface. Hold for 5 go to 10 seconds. Come back to original position. 10 repetitions

2. Butterfly stretch: Sit with your back straight, knees folded with sole of both feet touching each other. Put your hands on each thigh and press downward. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times.

3. Lion stretch: Also known as child pose. Stand on your knees. Put both your hands on the surface and sit on your legs and bring your chest close to ground keeping the hands on its place. Feel the stretch and relax. 10 repetitions.

4. Wide angle forward bend: Sit with you legs wide open. Now bring your upper body down as much as you can feeling the stretch. Hold for few seconds and relax. 10 repetitions.

Apart from these exercises and stretches, you can apply hotpack as well for pain relief.


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