How to do Meditation?

Meditation is the process in which you learn to pay attention to your body, mind and thoughts. It helps you in improving your focus and concentration.


Many people don't know what to do in meditation. It is not about sitting for sometime and thinking about all the things in the world. Meditation is about focusing on oneself, keeping all distractions aside, sit in a comfortable position in a peaceful place, and then inhale the air inside through your nose. Feel it as it goes inside your lungs, let it completely occupy all the space and then release it slowly breathing out through your mouth.

The key to meditation is to not take it as a task that you have to do for so and so minutes but rather take it as the time you focus on yourself, when what is going outside doesn't matter. All that matters is how you feel about yourself.

When you are meditating, try to feel each and every breath that you take, feel your each and every body part, relax yourself. Do not think  anything about your work life or relationships for that time duration. Even if a thought comes during that time, just bring yourself back to the moment.

People practice meditation for years together as it is not something that will show its effects immediately or the first time. It is a process that takes time for you to learn how to focus on something, how to calm yourself down and how to relax your mind and body.

When done regularly, meditation becomes very easy. People usually start enjoying it as it gives them that much of peace, tranquility and harmony.


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