“Capturing the perfect selfie can be a real pain in the elbow”. Seriously?.

Is Selfie Elbow a new condition? What should you do if you have it?

Is your elbow burning or does it feels like it's going to "get stuck" or fall off from taking so many selfies? (Or just texting on your phone or using your iPad?) You may have an increasingly-common Repetitive Strain Injury, many are starting to call "Selfie Elbow"

The only thing that's really new about it, is this relatively recent action of holding a phone up and repeatedly snapping selfie pics, which so many people are now "overdoing" that's causing it.

“When you take the picture, your arm is up, bent in a weird way and you just click, click, click — think about how many you take: 20, 30, or 40. Selfie Elbow, everyone has it!"


Fortunately, though, since they happen gradually, you should get plenty of warning signs, which if you pay attention to and take the right actions on, can help you avoid a more serious form of this injury. Signs like:

·        Persistent muscle tension

·        Muscle fatigue and achiness

·        Sudden twinges of pain in your elbow, wrist or forearm

·        And waking up with a stiff, sore arm in the morning!

And if you do get one of these tech issues? rule of thumb is to rest the body part until it recovers.

"You actually have to listen to your body,". "Pain is this fantastic guide that tells you when your body is still irritated."

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