Posture is the position in which we hold our body while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture involves training our body to stand, walk, sit and lie so as to place the least strain on muscles and ligaments while we are moving or performing weight-bearing activities. Bad posture could lead to lifetime chronic issues such as neck, shoulder and back pain, causing poor blood circulation, reducing the efficacy of our lungs, causing tremendous fatigue, making us prone to frequent injuries.

If our body is aligned and weight is equally distributed through the body, it reduces the stress on bones and ligaments. Good posture even improves our breathing, if we are permanently slouching we are compressing our lungs, however when we are standing tall or sitting straight our lungs have more room to expand. Some of the health benefit of good posture are: 

Lesser Tension for Shoulders and Neck
Our neck and shoulders take a lot of tension with poor body posture, especially when working the whole day. Getting the right posture allows us to get rid of neck and shoulder pains. With proper alignment, the joints and ligaments are less stressed and less subject to chronic overuse. 

Increases the Energy Levels
We need a daily dose of proper body energy levels to do all the tasks we must accomplish. It can only be achieved by eating food that increases our energy levels and aligning the body’s joints and bones well. We can have appropriately aligned body joints by exercising and flexing our muscles before we start our day.

Reduces Lower Back Pain
Most of us don’t notice that we sit and stand in a slouched position most of the time. When subjected to improper posture regularly, the lower back gets stressed, which can develop into excruciating chronic back pain. Moreover, poor posture puts a lot of pressure on the intervertebral discs, including the ligaments, facet joints, muscles, and the spine’s most delicate structures. 

Fewer Headaches
Poor posture increases the muscle tension in the neck area, which causes the headaches. By correcting and maintaining the right posture, we can reduce these muscle tensions and get rid of headache. 

Expands Lung Capacity
Our body and neck muscles are not the only parts stretched when maintaining good body posture. Unknown to many, but it can also improve our breathing. When we slouch a lot, the lungs will be compressed, which may affect how our respiratory system operates. Hence, we should stand and sit up straight so the lungs can expand and create a proper airway for breathing.

Enhances the Blood Circulation and Digestion
When our vital organs are compressed most of the time, our blood circulation will be poor. Aside from that, the body’s major organs might fail in functioning, leading to a more severe injury. To avoid that, we should maintain a good posture and right body joint alignment to allow healthy blood flow.

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