Do you have Pain in Forefoot? It can be Metatarsalgia....!

Metatarsalgia is a condition causing pain in the ball of the foot known as metatarsal bones. It is most common in people having any kind of foot problems as forefoot is the part that carries most of the body weight while moving. It is more of a symptom rather than a diagnosis.

A sharp shooting and burning pain can be felt in the forefoot just behind the toes that is felt during walking and standing for long time on a hard surface. There is a feeling of having some pebble in your shoes. The pain is usually relieved by rest and aggravates on putting weight on foot.

There can be many underlying causes of metatarsalgia, such as:

1. Ill-fitting footwear: High heels and shoes with narrow front part without proper cushioning can put too much pressure on the forefoot so make sure to wear them selectively.

2. Obesity: Excessive body weight can also lead to increased pressure on the ball of the foot.

3. Altered foot shapes: Abnormalities in the foot shape like high arch of the foot, hammertoe (downward curling toe) can cause metatarsalgia by shifting more weight on metatarsals.

4. High impact activities: This can be another reason as forefoot absorbs significant amount of force while running.

Ice and rest can help in relieving the pain.

It is not a very serious condition but can hamper day to day activities. One should wear proper footwear having arch supports and shock absorber insoles to prevent it.


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