Are You Suffering from Migraine?

Are you one of the sufferers of headache? What kind of headache is it? Is it migraine? Continue reading the article to get your answers regarding migraine.
Migraine is a condition in which there is pulsating headache which usually lasts four hours to days. There are a number of factors that can trigger migraine including light, smell, sound, physical activity and overthinking.
There are different types of headaches but what distinguishes migraine from other types is that it is not caused by any other condition and is a primary headache that cannot be diagnosed by any blood tests or imaging whereas mostly headaches are due to some other condition.
Migraines can be with or without aura. Aura is a type of warning signal that precedes migraine. Symptoms of aura include seeing flashy dots and blind spots, changes in taste or smell, ringing in ears etc.The frequency of migraines can differ between once a week to once a year varying from person to person.
1. Medications: Medications can be taken to treat migraine. It can be of abortive type, given when the initial signs of migraine appear or preventive type, given to prevent the occurrence of migraine.
2. Avoid triggering factor: Try to stay in a cool, calm and dark room to avoid the trigger of migraine or to rest during migraine.
3. Massage your scalp to reduce the headache.
4. Cold: Apply cold compression onto your head and back of neck to relieve headache.
5. Meditate.
6. Press your temples in circular motion to relax yourself.

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