Neck pain Solutions

Neck pain has become the most common problem in people nowadays. Due to covid, everything has shifted to digital media be it schools, colleges or offices. Due to lack of proper infrastructure and workspace needed to sit for 7-8 hours in front of laptops and computers, the body posture and mechanics is put on stake. There has been a tremendous increase in neck pain cases since recent years.

Neck pain, if ignored, can cause other problems like numbness, pain radiating to arms, stiff neck, headache etc.

Frequently stretching your neck during work hours and taking breaks in between can reduce the chances of developing neck pain.

Basic exercises to help neck pain:

1. Chin tuck: Sit with your back straight. Draw your chin inward and hold for 10 seconds. Return to starting position. 2-3 sets per day of 10 repetitions each can be done.

2. Stretching: Hold a chair or something with your hand on the affected side so that the shoulder does not elevate. Now with the help of other hand bring your neck to the opposite side. Keep in the same position for 10-15 seconds. Feel the stretch and release. 2-3 sets per day of 5 repetitions each can be done.

3. Shoulder shrugs: Sit with your back straight and arms on the side. Raise both your shoulders keeping your arms fixed on the sides. Bring them down. 2-3 sets per day of 10 repetitions each can be done.

4. Shoulder rotations: Rotate your shoulder 10 times in clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

These exercises are just some basic exercises to help you in neck pain. There are numerous exercises that can be done for neck pain relief and prevention but they vary from patient to patient. So be in touch with your physiotherapist in case there is no relief.

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