Prevent Yourself from Sunstroke!

Sunstroke or Heatstroke is the failure of body's temperature regulation system because of exposure to high temperature. It is a life threatening condition and is considered as a medical emergency. It can cause damage to your skin, brain and other vital internal organs. Heatstroke does not happen all of a sudden but is a result of progressive problems like heat cramps, fainting and exhaustion. Its classical feature is body's core temperature rising up to 104 F and can damage your central nervous system as well.
Symptoms of sunstroke includes:
1. Body temperature above 104 F
2. Severe headache, light headedness and dizziness.
3. No sweating despite of high temperature
4. Muscle weakness
5. Cramps
6. Skin becomes dry and red
7. Nausea and vomiting
8. Heart rate increase
9. Breathing rate increases
10. Seizures and unconsciousness
11. Confusion and disorientation
1. Go to a shady place. Try to move to an air conditioned place available nearby.
2. Spray cool water or cover the person with damp sheets. Try to bring the temperature down as fast as you can.
3. Take a cool shower if possible or soak yourself in water.
4. Drink a lot of fluids to re-hydrate yourself. Try to maintain electrolyte balance by taking some energy drinks.
5. Avoid drinking carbonated and sugary beverages as they interfere with body's temperature control system.
6. Medication specially muscle relaxants can help in reducing shivering, which can occur as a result of cold treatments. It is important to reduce shivering as it acts as a mechanism to increase body's temperature.

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