Is Screen Time affecting your Child's Health?

Screen time is the number of hours one spends looking at or using a screen.

Do you remember your childhood, how our generation used to play so many amazing outdoor games like hide n seek etc. Screen time was almost zero and children were more active.

Now look at any kid near you or in your home, how are they spending their childhood? Are they involved in any kind of physical activity or sports? What is their screen time?

There are evidences that prove that children who have more screen time tend to have attention defecits. Too much screen time affects sleep also as the melatonin, responsible for inducing sleep, secretion is inhibited due to blue light of screens. Lack of sleep leads to poor cognitive abilities and behaviour of children.

Children younger than 18 months must spend zero screen time.


1. Screen free time: Assign screen free hours in your home when no one in the house should use any kind of screen. You can choose these hours as per your wish, try to make it at meal time.

2. Reduce your screen time: Children learn what they see and parents being the first teachers must be an ideal figure. You simply can't ask your children to keep their devices away when you yourself are using one.

3. Co-watch: There is so many things available on the internet, it should be the parents who decide and make sure children are watching what is beneficial for them.

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