It’s been six months since administering of Covid -19 vaccine, but people are still hesitant of taking the shot. Let’s deflate some of the myths about Covid-19 vaccine. 

Myth: COVID vaccines can cause infertility
The Truth: there’s an amino acid sequence shared between the spike protein and a placental protein; however, experts say it’s too short to trigger an immune response and therefore doesn’t affect fertility. 

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe because it was developed so quickly.
The Truth: the authorized vaccines are proven safe?and effective. Although they were developed in record time, they have gone through the same rigorous Food and Drug Administration process as other vaccines, meeting all safety standards

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine has severe side effects such as allergic reactions.
The Truth: Some participants in the vaccine clinical trials did report side effects like those experienced with other vaccines, including muscle pain, chills and headache. And although extremely rare, people can have severe allergic reactions to ingredients used in a vaccine.

Myth: Already been diagnosed with COVID-19, therefore, don’t need to receive the vaccine.
The Truth: If already had COVID-19, there’s evidence that one can still benefit from the vaccine. At this time, experts don’t know how long someone is protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. 

Myth: Once I receive the vaccine, I will test positive for COVID-19.
The Truth: Viral tests used to diagnose COVID-19 check samples from the respiratory system for the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19. Since there is no live virus in the vaccines, the vaccines will not affect your test result. It is possible to get infected with the virus before the vaccine has had time to fully protect your body. 

Myth: After getting the vaccination, no need to wear a mask or follow social distancing guidelines
Fact: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has mandated preventive measures such as wearing masks and maintaining physical distance till the Covid-19 vaccine is administered to all. Moreover, it is not yet known for how long the vaccine-derived immunity will last, therefore it is necessary to follow the guidelines. 

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