Power Yoga

Power yoga generally refers to a vigorous, fitness-based, and cardio-based form of yoga. Power yoga is also referred to as "gym yoga" due to its intense nature. Power yoga began as a way to popularize traditional yoga in the US by increasing emphasis on strength training. Power yoga incorporated the flexibility of regular yoga with the elements of strength training. There are many schools of yoga, each practice slightly different from the other. Power yoga is one such form of modern yoga. Two American yoga teachers popularized power yoga; they wanted to move away from the rigid asana sequences of traditional yoga and make it more accessible to western students. Power yoga is an intense, quick-flowing form of yoga, as opposed to the calm and relaxing exercises usually associated with yoga. Power yoga helps build stamina, improves flexibility, posture, and concentration. Like many other physical activities, power yoga is a great way to relieve tension and release toxins through sweating. Due to its rigorous nature, it helps burn more calories than regular yoga and therefore promotes weight loss. Simultaneously, like regular yoga, it helps build concentration and focus. It is a great way to get a semi-structured workout if traditional gym exercises seem a little dull to you, and traditional yoga feels physically unchallenging. One potential downside to power yoga is that it is difficult and isn't super beginner-friendly. Where yoga is free-flowing and has a low barrier to entry, power yoga requires a certain level of athleticism from the body. So before you begin practicing power yoga, it may help to start off slow with a traditional yoga routine, mixed in with hitting the gym and doing cardio.