Hand and Wrist Exercises for Computer Workers

The results have evaluated that any computer work done for over 20 hours a week puts the user at high risk of hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. For instance software developers spend a lot of time doing the same motion over and over such as keyboard typing, shifting the mouse around, and finger action swiping on touchscreens. These seemingly small gestures when done thousands of times a day can cause of disabilities such as carpal tunnel and musculoskeletal disorders. 

For users who spend a lot of time in front of their machines, basic hand exercises prove effective in warding off or even treating mild hand and wrist injuries. These are straightforward to perform, can be done anywhere and won’t take up much time. 

1. Thumb Touches
Thumb touches exercises for computer users help to align coordination between the thumb and forefingers and also raise blood flow back to the fingers.
Hold the hands outwards with the palms towards the ceiling
Take the right hand, slowly bring the thumb to touch the tip of every finger
Repeat on the other hand
Return to the starting position
Repeat five times with both hands

2. Shaking It Off
Shaking out the wrist and hands after remaining stationary for a period of time can raise blood flow and ease stiff joints.
Start by putting the hands out in front, palms facing downwards
Gently shake hands by letting the your wrist go limp
Perform for 10-15 seconds
Repeat the action 3 times

3. Thumb Flexion and Extension
Thumb Flexion and Extension exercise for computer users is an effective way to concentrate on the thumb specifically, which can grow stiff during long work days:
Start with the hands out in front and palms facing outwards. 
Gradually extend the thumb over the palm until a stretch is felt
Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, then release back to the starting position
Repeat this stretch 10 times with both hands

4. Fist to Fan out
The fist to hand stretch is an effective way of stretching out the whole hand. This helps to alleviate joint and muscle stiffness:
Start with the hands in front of the body and palms facing downwards
Clench fist with both hands
Open the fist half way keeping the fingers bent at the knuckles
Hold for 2 seconds
Stretch the hands fully and spread wide apart all five fingers making them straight
Hold for 2 seconds
Remake a fist and repeat action again.
Repeat action 5 times.

5. Grip Strengthening
Strengthening the grip is a perfect way to increase whole hand and forearm strength. Improving grip also strengthens wrist muscles, helping protect it from repetitive strains and injuries.
Start in a seated position, with the right arm rested on a table
Start by holding a hand gripper or rubber ball
Squeeze and release the gripper with all four fingers and thumb in rapid repetition
Repeat for at least 10 – 15 times until a stretch is felt in the bottom of the forearm
Change to the other arm. 

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