Is yoga helpful in Depression?

With the advancing technology and connectivity, the distances between people have increased. This might sound strange but it's true. Today we have all the possible gadgets and platforms to connect with people sitting far away from us. But what we should not forget is that, it has also increased our distance with the people sitting in next to us or in the next room.

We have disconnected from our actual lives,our actual people just to validate ourselves on social media platforms. All these things are contributing to increased number of depression cases. People can't find someone trustworthy to share their problems and concerns. They've started feeling lonely in a room full uninterested people.

So the question that arises is what should be done? Should we ban all the social media platforms? Should we constantly beg people to talk to us? "NO". The answer is a big NOOO.

We can't and shouldn't do all that but rather try and find peace in ourselves, in our own company. There are many ways to tackle depression but today we are going to focus on yoga. We will learn about some yoga poses that will help our body and brain to feel more relaxed, and calm.

1. Child's pose: It is one of the most relaxing and comfortable pose. It stretches your back and hip muscles and makes you feel more rooted to Earth.

2. Plow pose: This is helpful for people suffering from sleeplessness or headaches. It cools down our nervous system by improving the blood flow.

3. Bridge pose: It releases the tension in your back muscles and makes you feel more focussed.

4. Corpse pose: This position is very relaxing and comfortable as one loosens up whole of their body. The tension in the body muscles is released and it also helps in improving your thought process.


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