Is Covid vaccine safe or not?

Vaccines to prevent the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are perhaps the best hope for ending the pandemic. Now you likely have a lot questions regarding a covid-19 vaccine.

How beneficial the Covid-19 vaccine is?

·        COVID-19 can cause severe medical complications and lead to death in some people. So, there is no way to know how COVID-19 will affect you. If you get COVID-19, you could spread the disease to family, friends and others around you.  Getting a COVID-19 vaccine can help you by creating an antibody response in your body without your having to become sick with COVID-19. Also, Getting vaccinated might help protect people around you from COVID-19.

Can a vaccine give you the coronavirus?

No, you will not get infected with covid-19 if you’re taking a vaccine.

Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks for your body to build immunity after getting a COVID-19 vaccination. As a result, it's possible that you could become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or after being vaccinated.

Is there any side-effect of covid-19 vaccine?

·        Pain, redness or swelling where the shot was given

·        Fever

·        Fatigue

·        Headache

·        Muscle pain

·        Chills

·        Joint pain

You’ll be monitored for 15 minutes after getting a COVID-19 vaccine to see if you have an immediate reaction. Most side effects happen within the first three days after vaccination and typically last only one to two days.

Is there anyone who should not get a COVID-19 vaccine?

There is no COVID-19 vaccine yet for children under age 16. Several companies have begun enrolling children as young as age 12 in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. It will begin soon for younger children. You should also take an approval from your consulting doctor if you have certain life threatening disorders or diseases.

Do I need to take precautions after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Experts are still working on that part.

In the meantime, the CDC recommends following these precautions for avoiding infection with the COVID-19 virus:

o   Avoid close contact.

o   Wear cloth face coverings in public places.

o   Practice good hygiene.

o   Wash your hands often with soap.

Stay home if you're sick. Stay home from work, school and public areas if you're sick, unless you're going to get medical care. Avoid public transportation, taxis and ride-sharing if you're sick.

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