Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water is well known for its use in skincare and food. But does rose water has limited use in food and skincare? 
Read the article till end to know about all known benefits of rose water.
BENEFITS OF ROSE WATER (apart from food and skincare):
1. For sore throat: Rose water is very good in sore throat. Although research is yet to be done to prove but it has evidences of its effectiveness in sore throat.
2. Treating infections: Rose water has antiseptic and analgesic (pain-killer) properties. So it is used to treat many kind of infections in the body. It is used in many medicines and eye drops to treat conditions like conjunctivitis etc.
3. For burns and scars: Being antiseptic and antibacterial rose water improves healing of wounds. It provides a cooling effect and is very useful in burns.
4. Anti-aging effects: Since we all know the beauty benefits of rose water, it is not surprising to know that rose water is a major ingredient in many anti aging cosmetic products.
5. Enhances mood: Rose water relaxes our central nervous system and has antidepressant property. It automatically enhances the mood and relaxes mind.
6. Improves digestion: Rose water improves bile secretion and reduces digestive upset which helps in enhancing the digestive process.
7. Reduces headache: The aroma of rose water has refreshing and stress releasing effects. It is also proven in studies that rose water can improve headaches.
Hence, we can infer that rose water has so many health benefits that cannot be ignored. So, next time whenever you face any health issues go for trying some natural home remedies.

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