Office Hygeine

Poor hygiene at the office can be a cause of many physical and mental health problems. As many of us spend 8+ hours of our day at the office, we must do our best to maintain a sanitary environment for us to work. Much like a public space, the office is a joint meeting space for a lot of people. Here, people from all walks of life come together to work. We must ensure that we keep our office spaces clean to avoid the spread and contraction of diseases in the workspace. Personal office areas such as the table-top and shelves can easily collect dust and other harmful particles unless cleaned regularly. The employer usually manages the cleaning of these spaces, but we must ensure that our environment is cleaned periodically and effectively. Another massive germ breeding ground is the keyboard. As many of us take our laptops to the office, we rarely ever get it cleaned. Our keyboard is exposed to our hands and thus everything we touch as well, making it an easy target for germs and bacteria. We should routinely clean all of our office items with alcohol-based sanitizer to ensure a clean work environment. Besides this, having a clean work environment is great for productivity as well. A room filled with junk and clutter is often uninviting and uninspiring. Keeping your office space clean and well-organized is a motivator to help you get to work effectively. Also, a clean work environment is also a great way to make an excellent first impression with other office workers and clients that might be visiting your office space.