Impact of Layoffs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of impact on the working sector worldwide. While many companies have been able to adapt accordingly by creating work from home solutions and ensuring strict sanitary conditions in the workspace, not everyone has been accounted for during the lockdown. Many people who work in fields that are not considered essential have been fired from their jobs. Companies need to make sure they're not continually bleeding money while they're unable to have their employees come into work. This has led to the loss of livelihood for many individuals, making it more challenging to pay for necessities like food, electricity, and other essentials. People living paycheck to paycheck have been hit especially hard, having no money to pay for rent or healthcare. The sudden rise in unemployment has created another problem for all nations worldwide, as they try to work on solutions that can help with basic sustenance for the newly unemployed. The most significant effect of the COVID lockdown has been seen in the society's poor and lower-middle-class groups. Many of these people live paycheck to paycheck and do not have the necessary resources or savings to fall back on. This has led to a lot of unrest in the working population, causing mass migration and agitation. They try to scramble to get by in an already complex pandemic solution. As people who're better off, we should try to make sure that our domestic help, such as cleaners and cooks, still have some form of income while they're not able to work for us. COVID is the first pandemic with the kind of effects it's had on our world. We need to be there for each other to make sure we all get through it together.