Passive Smoking Effects

Passive smoking, also known as secondhand smoking, is when you accidentally inhale tobacco smoke from some nearby source. There can be a side stream smoke and mainstream smoke. Side stream smoke is the smoke from burning cigarette or other tobacco products. Whereas mainstream smoke is directly from a person smoking nearby you. Side stream smoke is more harmful than mainstream smoke as it contains unfiltered toxins.

Damage with passive smoking starts after 5 minutes of inhalation. 20-30 minutes of exposure can cause clot formation in blood vessels.


1. Lung diseases like asthma, COPD, lung cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia etc.

2. Cancer in different body parts like breast cancer, brain cancer etc.

3. Cataracts

4. High blood pressure, stroke, heart attack etc.

5. Low birth weight babies, stillbirth, miscarriages when inhaled by pregnant females.

6. Children can develop shortness of breath on inhalation of smoke.


1. Pregnant women

2. People working in bars, clubs etc.

3. Children

4. Pets


There is no way to prevent passive smoking. What all you can do is stay away from people who smoke. Whenever you notice a person lighting a cigarette near you, just move away to a place where smoke cannot reach you. If there is a person who is at a greater risk of having complications from passive smoking, do not let them come in contact with tobacco smoke.


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