Postpartum Care: Why and How?

A child bring with it so many emotions and changes. No doubt that becoming a parent is a wholesome feeling and a huge responsibility but every responsibility bring with it lots of duties. Adjusting to parenthood while maintaining that bond with your partner and at the same time taking care of your health and recovery is not a cake walk!
The period of 6 weeks after the childbirth is known as postpartum period. These 6 weeks are so so important for a mother as it is the time when her body recovers from the changes that happened during pregnancy and delivery. Also it is the time when the mother bonds with her child maintaining other  responsibilities.
So here we are listing few things that you can do take care of yourself:
1. Take proper rest: It is very important for a new mom to give her body the rest it deserves after the strenuous process of childbirth. Try sleeping whenever your baby sleeps as you have to stay awake while he or she is awake. Maintain your sleep schedule and keep a track of your physical activity level.
2. Nutrition: Nutrition is as important as any other thing. A proper balanced diet is vital for maintaining mother's health which will ultimately affect your baby's health through breast milk.
3. Exercise: Earlier exercise after childbirth was not considered important but with time people realized its importance in maintaining muscle and bone strength, repairing the pelvic floor, preventing urinary incontinence and postural changes.
4. Don't hesitate to seek help: Many a times new mother's hesitate a lot to ask for help in taking care of themselves or the baby. Don't do this!
Understand one thing that childbirth is not an easy task, your body goes through a lot during it and need proper time and rest to recover from it. So go ahead and ask for help. You deserve it!

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