High Heels --- Its effects on feet

Just imagine how poised and classy a female looks in those high heels! Wearing heels immediately enhance the confidence and overall look, making one feel taller and smarter. But since we know everything comes at a price. Those glamorous looks also comes at the price of your body's health and posture.  One might say that, " yes we know our feet hurts when we wear high heels" but it's not only the feet but whole of the body that gets affected badly with long-term use.


Wearing heels can lead to having bony deformities like hammertoes, hallux valgus etc. along with pain in different joints of the feet and in ball of the foot.

It can make the tendon connecting ankle with calf muscles to get stiff and short with time.


When you wear heels, the weight of the body shifts to your forefeet and to compensate it, the stress on the knees increases.


As a compensatory mechanism, the load on the hips is increased along with the knees.


The natural curvature of spine is disrupted as their is increased forward curve in lower back.

Neck pain can start due to disrupted cervical curvature.

If you wear heels for a year together, it can lead to soreness of feet. Wearing them regularly for 3-4 years can cause metatarsalgia and foot deformities. Lifetime usage can cause ankle and knee joint arthritis, low back and neck pain etc.


1. Wear heels having wider toes

2. Do not walk or stand continuously wearing high heels

3. Opt for wedges and block heels instead of pencil heels.


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