Online classes have come as real support for students to continue their studies without any break. Both teachers and students have started adopting this new model of learning and are studying through it daily. In our last article we discussed the disadvantages associated with the increased screen time on our kid’s eyes. Today we will be talk about some tips on how we can safeguard the eyes of our young ones as it seems online classes may remain in trend in the new future. 

To manage child’s screen time, we need to be quite vigilant and active. Here is how we can perform this daunting task:
Use Laptops/Tablets- The first thing which students should follow is that they should avoid using mobile phones for online classes/studies. Students are advised to use larger screens like laptops, computers, or tablets as it is useful in reducing eye strain.

Check the Ergo – The second most important thing is maintaining the right posture, the gadget should not be too close to your child’s eyes as it can cause strain and lead to eye muscle fatigue. The screen should be at the eye level of the kid so that he/ she does not need to slouch. It is advised to keep our computer screens:
2 feet away from the eyes
4 to 8 inches below eye level (relative to the centre of the screen)

Do not look at the screen continuously- Students are advised not to look at the screen continuously. It is obvious that when a lecture is being delivered students cannot take a break but they can just look somewhere else for just 10 to 20 secs to reduce eye strain. Also, students should give rest to their eyes during a change of lectures.
Take breaks from screen use every 20 minutes
Focus on something 20 feet (6 metres) away
Look at it for 20 seconds

Adjust the screen’s brightness - Continuously looking at too much bright screen can cause headaches and strain. Also, keeping the brightness too low can put excessive pressure on his/ her eyes to get what’s written on the screen. Therefore, adjust the brightness of the device as per the comfort of child’s eyes. Students are advised to turn down the brightness of the screen and turn up the contrast for better viewing. 

Adjust light in the room- Along with adjusting the brightness of the screen, students should also make sure that the lighting of the room is good for online studies. The perfect lighting of a room should be dimmer than the computer screen to reduce eye strain. Perfectly adjusted lighting of a room reduces glare and makes it easier for the students to see the screen.
Relieve and move eyes muscles by: 
Closing and cupping eyes, like peek-a-boo

As the students are already on the electronic devices for at least 4-5 hours in a day due to online classes, they are advised to avoid playing video games and watching videos on mobile for longer periods of time. Students can resort to other recreational activities that do not involve electronic devices like indoor games, listening to music, etc. If it is not possible to avoid using mobile and other devices for recreational activities then students should set a limit for using them.

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