One of the main causes of unhealthy weight gain is having an improper diet coupled with leading a sedentary lifestyle devoid of physical activity. Additionally, emotional stress and improper sleep routines over the course of the pandemic have compounded the problem. Getting into shape requires a proper diet, regular exercise and good sleep — compromising on either of them can defeat the entire purpose. 

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for well-being and quality of life. If you are overweight or obese, you are at higher risk of developing serious health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers. Obesity is also linked to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and so on. Keeping the weight under control will help in staying agile and strong and will also have a positive effect on the health and happiness.

Follow these simple tips to keep your weight healthy levels.

Eating right is half the job done!

A healthy diet is a key to weight management. A calorie-restrictive diet does require eating food in measured portions, it doesn’t necessarily require you to starve to death! Incorporating foods that are rich in fibre, protein and healthy fats is a great way to tackle weight gain. Snacking on almonds suppresses the unconscious desire to consume other high-fat foods, which could be useful in a weight management strategy. Almonds are also known to have satiating properties which makes them a good snack to munch on especially in between meals. So be sure to add a handful of almonds to the daily diet, to manage weight better. Besides almonds, eat fruits, buttermilk, lemon-infused water to curb the hunger cravings.

Sweat it out!

Working out is a must to lose weight. Maintaining a workout routine of at least 150 minutes per week can do more wonders than one can imagine. Besides shedding those extra pounds, exercising helps in gaining muscle mass, increasing metabolism and maintaining a healthy heart. It also releases endorphins or happy hormones in the body that elevates our mood. Add both cardiovascular and resistance training to the mix, for shedding waistline inches in no time. There must be a gap of at least 2 hours between a major meal and a workout. For an added boost of energy, eat a banana with a handful of almonds at least 30 minutes before exercising. 

A good sleep can solve everything!

Adequate sleep is essential for our body to recuperate from daily exertion. Lack of sleep decreases our resting metabolic rate and can also cause insulin resistance. Moreover, it can increase appetite and reduce mental well-being by interfering with hormone production, making us more likely to indulge in binge eating unhealthy foods. 

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