Work from Home Ergonomics

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, and it would be interesting to inspect the ergonomics at home and learn more about how we can be more productive. Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in a given working environment. Not all of us working from home have the same level of ergonomics, due to distractions in the house such as other people, pets and kids, an improvised work-desk, like at the kitchen counter table or maybe the bed. With these less-than-ideal workspaces, we may notice a drop in productivity. Sitting at an uncomfortable desk that may be too high or too low for extended periods can hurt your productivity and your back! To improve the ergonomics at home, we recommend spending time and resources finding/creating a good work desk space. Ensure that there is adequate desk space, that you don't sit hunched over, that you have access to the internet, and a good connection between your router and devices. It may be useful to invest in a well-cushioned office chair to ensure you can work for extended periods seated at home. Figure out ways to minimize external distractions at home by establishing a routine for yourself and your co-inhabitants. One may choose to invest in a second monitor, a wireless keyboard and mouse, according to their needs to ensure the best use of their time and space. Reduce your screen time and make sure to take regular breaks to avoid extended straining of the eye. Keep a water bottle, and other snacks close, to avoid breaking momentum while working. Good ergonomics allow for high productivity, which is sustainable such that you don't experience any discomfort after work. These little changes can go a long way to help enable a smooth transition from the office to home.