Red Wine: GOOD or NOT?

You must have heard the quote, "ageing like a fine wine!" being used as a compliment purely for the reason that the older the wine, the better it tastes. 
You must have heard a lot of times that red wine is good for our skin, heart and gut health but is it really?
Or are there any side-effects which are ignored just like that? Read this article to get answers to all these questions and to know if wine is good for our health or not.
Red wine is made up of dark-colored grapes which are crushed and fermented to get the wine. Red wine varies in taste and color and contains about 12-15 percent of alcohol in it. People believe that despite being a type of alcohol, red wine has great health benefits but what they do not take into account is that excess of everything is bad and that there is a thin line between ample and excess which must not be crossed.
1. It contains antioxidants and thus has effects in reducing any kind of inflammation and prevents many types of cancers.
2. Red wine reduces the risk of developing various heart diseases and stroke.
3. Drinking red wine reduces the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease.
4. It reduces insulin resistance in the body and prevent type 2 diabetes.
5. There is a reduced risk of depression in people who drink red wine.
These health benefits are the ones that are proven through various studies but what should not be forgotten is that any type of alcohol taken in excess is bad.
1. Liver cirrhosis can develop when one takes red wine in excess amount. Being an alcohol, it can cause many other liver diseases along with cirrhosis.
2. Dependence: Alcohol dependence is a very common problem faced by people who drink it.
3. Although small quantities of red wine can prevent depression but when taken in excess amounts, it can also become the reason for depression.
4. Since red wine contains a lot of calories, it can lead to weight gain and obesity in regular drinkers.
In western and European countries, it is stated that for women taking 1-1.5 glass of red wine is considered to be moderate and not harmful for health whereas men can take up-to 1-2 glass of red wine without any side effects.
This amount is for the total alcohol intake and not in addition to other alcoholic beverages.

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