Childhood is the perfect time to instil good healthy habits in kids and this is the biggest responsibility and concern of the parents. A parent has to patiently work starting from kid’s food, exercise, sleep, family time, doctor visits to following good manners at school, it is a long list of things that need to be taken care of. Every small activity inculcated right from the start will habituate child to grow into a healthy being and a disciplined individual.

Parenting is not easy and requires a fair amount of hard work. To help parents in this process, we bring to you best health tips for inculcating healthy lifestyle habits in kids.

1. Natural Food and Balanced Diet: A balanced meal is the most recommended diet for every child as it helps in the betterment of one’s health and boosts immunity. Parents should offer a variety of food options to their kids so that they develop a taste for healthy foods. Never force them to eat anything, but just offer them to have a few bites to start with. Avoid giving processed food, as they are filled with sugar, sodium,  calories, and unhealthy fat.
2. Establish a routine: Try to make a habit of studying, working out and sleeping at certain set hours. This will help keep a balance.
3. Practice safe food hygiene: Washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before eating and handling food should be a practice  to maintain good hygiene.
4. Stay active: Exercise keeps the mind and body healthy. Take up a sport, walk, or ride a bike. This will keep them physically fit and healthy.
5. Quality sleep: It has been proven that sleep integrates memories. This helps kids retain what they may have learnt in their lessons. Getting quality sleep helps to keep the physical and mental health intact and keeps the immune system strong to fight of any infections.
6. Limit screen time: Last but not the least with the growing technology we must inculcate this habit in our kids for a healthy lifestyle. Limiting screen time also means more quality time with the family in engaging activities.

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