Maintaining Relationship

Relationships are often complicated. May they be romantic, professional, or bound by blood; relationships take effort and empathy from both parties. Maintaining good relationships with those around us is a crucial element of leading a happy life, as the people around us make the good moments great. Relationships usually involve two or more people, each of whom lives their own separate lives. To maintain a healthy relationship, there are a bunch of pre-requisites. Some of these are more important than others, but they all are critical. Trust is a massive part of any relationship. It involves two people devoting time and energy towards each other under the unsaid contract that their efforts are recognized and appreciated appropriately. With time and distance, relationships may take different forms, but we need to maintain the relationships that make us happy and bring value to our lives. This may mean keeping in regular touch with family and childhood friends once you go to college. Checking up on them and filling them in on your life's happenings. Another essential aspect of any relationship is communication. Communication means more than just surface-level conversations. It means being able to address flaws, confusion, and mistakes, should they arise in any connection. By talking about what we feel, we show vulnerability and express the importance of a particular person in our lives. We should not hold grudges for too long. If you feel like you miss someone, contact them! Your brain's telling you so because they had an important role in your life, and that's not worth letting go of. Chances are, they will reciprocate as well. So call that one friend who you've been "meaning to" speak to for the last two months!