Effects of Poor Posture

For many of us working in offices, the majority of our day is spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer. When one spends a third of their day sitting at a desk, it is essential to maintain good posture. Maintaining good posture will allow one to work for an extended amount of time and avoid pain and injury. Besides, at the work desk, it is also essential to maintain good posture while driving, walking, sleeping, etc., as these activities also contribute to a large part of our day. With so much of our day spent being stationary, many people face issues due to bad posture. One should practice posture training to help improve their posture. Posture training involves training the body to stand, sit, and lie in the most comfortable positions and cause the least strain on the muscle and ligaments. Good posture keeps the bones and joints in the correct alignment such that muscles can support them properly. By utilizing our muscles properly, we can avoid getting fatigued quickly. It also helps cut down on the wear and tear of joints, helping prevent diseases like arthritis. We can minimize the strain on our spine with good posture by ensuring it is always straight and does not bend in strange ways. Pain in the back and shoulders is widespread, but good posture can help us avoid chronic pain with the combination of all these factors. We will discuss some tips to help improve your posture during many common activities of the day: • Sitting: o The most crucial factor is to sit with your back straight and shoulders back. This prevents your body from slouching over; besides preventing back pain, it also makes one feel more energetic and confident. o Keep your feet flat on the floor. If your seat or desk is too high to allow for that, invest in a footrest to maintain the right posture. Invest in a comfortable chair if you sit for extended hours while working. Good ergonomics at the workspace can help ensure greater productivity with minimal strain to the body. o Avoid sitting for too long. It is recommended to take a few minutes to walk around every hour to avoid fatigue. o Many have been forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, we have had to turn spaces in our homes into office spaces. Good ergonomic training can help ensure an easy transition from the work-life at the office to the one at home. Besides increasing productivity, ergonomics training will allow you to better utilize your space and maintain good posture as you work from home. • Driving: o It can take more than an hour to commute to many of the places we frequent. Thus, it is essential to maintain good posture while we drive as well. Much like sitting at the workplace, we should ensure that our back is straight and shoulders are rolled back. o Ensure that your hands are on the steering wheel correctly at all times. • At the gym: o It is crucial to maintain your posture at the gym. Many exercises require lifting heavyweights. Having an incorrect posture can lead to severe injuries. One should always consult a professional or trainer at the gym before attempting new exercises, while also ensuring that they maintain the right posture through the entire set. Good posture can help us lead a more comfortable life. It can boost our productivity and efficiency as well. Good posture training goes a long way.