Nail Biting - Harmful OR Not?

Do you always find yourself or your someone near you compulsively chewing and biting their nails? Nail biting or onychophagia is not a problem until it causes any kind of physical or psychological harm.
If the person finds any of the problems like damage to the nail, cuticle or surrounding skin, bacterial infection, dental problems, psychological damage for eg. shame, low self-esteem, depression etc or relationship issues, then ut becomes very important to consult and seek help from a professional, be it a dermatologist, dentist, psychologist or counselor.
There are certain conditions that shows nail biting as a symptoms include ADHD(attention defecit hyperactivity disorder), separation anxiety disorders etc.
1. Behavioral therapy: Therapy can help release the shame and negative emotions that often accompany nail biting. It can also help increase awareness of the triggers and urges you feel. In some cases, habit-reversal training or hypnotherapy are effective.
2. Relaxation: Self-care, regular meals, more movement and ample sleep help you feel more calm, confident and calm, giving you the strength to recover. Nail biting satisfies a strong urge, so to quiet the mind and ease the tension created by the urge, you must include meditation, and yoga in your daily routine.
3. Social support: Talking to a person who understands and supports when you feel the urge to bite your nails can help you get through the stressful moment. The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors offers a directory of support groups and educational events.
4. Treatment of any related disorders: People with chronic nail biting may need medications or behavioral therapy to address a related condition.

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