Gym injuries or workout injuries are very common and can happen to anyone, no matter your experience or fitness level.

“Pick up a heavy weight! Lift heavy or go home! You can! Another set! These words are motivation and sound good in gym but many a times it can cause injury”.

Lifting heavy weight leads to muscle gains, but you should never forget that it is more important to think about your safety first. You know 90% of the injuries happening in the gym are due to lifting more than the capacity or doing ego lifting.

Common gym injuries are:

1 Wrist injury- this is the most common in all gym injuries.  Why so?

Because during chest exercise, shoulder or arms exercises our wrist is always under a lot of stressful position.

·        So wrist flexible exercises before workout and supporting gloves can reduce the chances of wrist injury



Ankle sprain is also one of the most common gym injuries. This usually happens while doing exercises for calf muscles or lunges with heavy weights. 

The best way to avoid this injury is to remain focused and do it under the supervision of your trainer.

3. knee pain

 knee pain is also very common and most of the people felt once in his or her life

Common causes of knee pain are:  

·        Soft tissue injury

·        Patellofemoral syndrome

·        IT Band syndrome


Ø Wear Proper shoes,

Ø avoid doing exercises over the  hard surface.

Ø Proper stretching and pay attention during exercises

4. Shoulder pain

 If you are having a shoulder pain during the gym exercises, it is recommended you to stop exercise immediately and consult with your trainer or an experienced physiotherapist.

5. Lower back strain

This is  one of the most common gym injury which is mainly caused by lifting heavy weight without maintaining the correct posture. People who do squats, dead lifts, bench press, or chin ups with hanging weights are more likely to get lower back sprain. Sometimes this can cause your disc to bulge out from normal position, which is a very painful condition.

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