Exercise and physical activity are vital for keeping fit and healthy, and are an important part of good asthma management.

It has been found that those patients who regularly do cardio exercises are able to reduce respiratory problems caused by asthma. Cardio-exercise requires a lot of muscle movement and raises the heart rate to at least 50%, this results in decreased blood pressure, increased good cholesterol, decreased body fat, improved blood flow to the active muscles and helps to increase the heart and lung function. This improves lung function, it is beneficial for asthma patients.

People with asthma may also notice other specific health benefits, including:

• improved lung function, which builds overall stamina and reduces the time that it takes for a person to feel out of breath

• weight loss, which can reduce the risk of asthma attacks

• improved immune system function, which reduces the risk of upper respiratory infections that can trigger asthma symptoms

• improved mood and stress reduction, which can lessen asthma symptoms

Strenuous exercises and activities are not necessarily bad for asthma, but it is best for each individual to talk to a doctor before deciding on the best exercise for them. The doctor can advise on the risks of specific sports, such as running, basketball, or soccer, and how to manage symptoms during these activities.
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