Home Hygeine

Hygiene is essential to any space you're a part of - especially the one you live in! Maintaining good hygiene at our homes allows us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from infectious diseases. This means keeping all places within the home clean - from the kitchen to the washroom and from the living room to the bedroom. Since our home is where most of us spend most of our day, ensuring its cleanliness is a top priority. There are all kinds of diseases caused due to unclean surfaces, carpets, utensils, and toilets. These microbes can enter our body through the air, infected food or water, touching contaminated surfaces, etc. Each room in the house has specific needs with regards to its cleaning. This may require particular kinds of detergents and disinfectants. As a new home-maker, it is always good to talk to your parents for advice regarding any questions you have about cleanliness or checking online. Many sites maintain comprehensive lists detailing all that goes into ensuring that your house is clean and germ-free. Some of the essential items to ensure home hygiene are: • cleaning products for floors: floor disinfectant, mops, wipers, bucket • cleaning products for wet areas: rag towels, disinfectants • cleaning products for food preparation and meal areas • dishwashing detergent for cleaning kitchen utensils • laundry detergent for washing clothes and other linen in the house • cleaning cloths, scrubbing brush and sponges (replace regularly) • broom, dustpan, and brush. Besides ensuring our physical well-being, home hygiene is also vital for our mental well-being. A clean environment is conducive for working and helps us stay motivated. Studies show that people who put in the effort to keep their surroundings clean and organized have an easier time working. In addition to this, having a clean house makes it welcoming for all your friends and loved ones. Ensuring a clean home is something everyone owes themselves; we all deserve to come back to a clean and tidy house after a hard day.