Is running jogging good during Covid Time

 Last year has been the most unpredictable year with this Covid- 19 pandemic worldwide where the country and people have faced lot of challenges economically, socially, physically and mentally. Due to this people everywhere are working online and leading a sedentary lifestyle which has seriously impacted their physical health due to faulty postures and comfortable home environment with no workout. Most of the people have gained weight due to lots of food intake with almost zero workouts. Many of them have developed back pains and neck pains due to work from home and sitting on laptops and desktops for all day long. Few of them have also developed forward neck postures due to wrong posture for a longer time.

What one should do to avoid all this? An active lifestyle amidst work from home like doing stretching’s of all the muscles that are stained i.e. of neck, of back and of arms, etc. Eating less diet helps to keep weight at a standard position. Performing yogasnas also refreshes the body. Most of the people started doing running and jogging this time.

Benefits of Running – Running and jogging helps to increase stamina and pumps all the body with freshness. It is a whole sole exercise for all the muscles of the body. It helps in burning out all the extra calories. It helps to improve blood supply to the tissues in the body.

Is it really helpful in Covid time- Most people were running using a face mask, well that is not advisable as it leads to increase intake of Carbon dioxide. While running the oxygen demand is increased and due to the use of face masks proper supply of oxygen could not be made possible leading to nausea and discomfort after running. On the contrary those who didn’t used face masks were at high risks o get exposed to the infection of Covid 19 as I can be present in surface or air which is inhaled by that person and can easily get infected. So it is highly risky to do running and jogging during Covid timing. It is better to do yoga and indoor exercises. Antarnaad provides you guidance as to which exercises you should perform to stay fit by having a network of physiotherapist all across the country.