Bicycles offer an enjoyable and frequently very practical method of transportation for riders. They don’t require gas, they allow for navigation through and around dense traffic, and they have the added benefit of being very environmentally friendly. Cycling can also be an enjoyable hobby and a great form of exercise.

There are many ways to prevent bicycle accidents

·        Wear a helmet

·        Stay to right side of road

·        Ride on well-lit, paved roads and, if possible, bike paths

·        Wear reflective clothing

·        Use arm and hand signals to indicate turns

·        Ride with others

·        Ensure that your bike is adequately maintained

If you love cycling you SHOULD FOLLOW the safety measures while cycling.

Cycling is the one of the best exercise but if you will not follow the precautions you may hurt yourself.

Common complaints are

·        Knee pain - while cycling it is very important to maintain proper height of the seat and bike handle. Because excess height can cause injury and low height can put more pressure on your quadriceps and hamstring muscle.

 so while cycling you should maintain the height of seat and handle.

·        Back pain – this problem is facing by many riders. Because during cycling they may bend their back unnecessarily. It hurt your soft tissue around your back and cause injury while cycling.  Don’t bend your back excessively to avoid back related issues.

·        Elbow and wrist pain-   many of the rider complaint pain and tingling sensation while cycling and this happens because your seat and handle height is not proper which gives excess pressure on your elbow and wrist.

So it is important if you love cycling follow safety measures and strength of yourself.

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