Desires and Needs

Being able to distinguish our desires from our needs is a crucial life skill. In a world overrun by advertisement, its often very easy to get these confused. We cannot afford to have clouded judgment, as it could mean the difference between having enough vs. not having at all. We need to be able to prioritize what we need before what we want. We will often need to do what is necessary to get what we want. It is a matter of great discipline. It is easy to choose to eat unhealthy fast food as it tastes good, but it can cause detrimental effects to our health in the long run. We may decide to buy an expensive car we've always dreamt of, but then never have the money to afford any petrol! To break this down further, we should try asking ourselves, "Do I want this?" or "Do I need this?" everytime an opportunity presents itself. Consider whether the opportunity will help you build towards your goals or take you in another direction. Recognizing your desires is an essential step towards building personal relationships, physical health, and other aspects of your life. You could spend the entire day watching netflix as it is easy and fun, but does it propel you in the direction you need to go? Many times in life, we'll find situations that are the perfect combination of our needs and desires. These "high-need, high-desire" scenarios are the ones we should seek out and work towards. A person who never indulges in their wants can often lose motivation and purpose. A lot of joy in life comes from things we enjoy, and thus, want. It's about finding the perfect balance.