How to maintain Eyes Health?

If you work on computers for long period, this is for you......!

When it comes to overlooking something, most of us tend to overlook our eye health. You must be following a good regime to keep your body in check. Does that cover your eyes? If your answer was "NO", then this article is for you.

What all affects your eye health:

1. Looking at screens: We, in this digital era, constantly use our phone, tablets and laptops.

2. Dehydration: Our eyes get dehydrated very easily in this polluted environment. Not hydrating it often with some water or eye drops can harm your eyes.

3. Makeup: Makeup products containing harmful chemicals can damage the eyes and skin. Regular use of heavy makeup must be avoided to give some time to your eyes and skin to heal.

4. Forgetting to keep a check: Not going for regular eye check-ups can harm your eyes as there is no track of the eye health.

5. Ignoring the early symptoms: This is a very common mistake that I'm sure we all make. We tend to ignore problems till they start hampering our daily routine. This habit gives the problem ample time to increase.

6. Disrupted sleep schedule: The problem with most of the youngsters nowadays is that they do not get that 7-8 hour of mandatory sleep. Excessively using mobile phones at night put too much strain on the eyes and disrupt sleep schedule.

Now since we know where the problem is, next step is to find out the solution. Here we go:

1. Reducing screen time: Reducing the number of hours we spend looking at our phones and laptops can have surprising effects on our eye health.

2. Hydration: Keep your eyes well hydrated. You can even consult an ophthalmologist for an eye drop. Or you can also use the evergreen method of relaxing the eyes using a cucumber slice or any clean and wet cloth.

3. Good quality make-up: Avoid using makeup products as much as you can but whenever using make sure they're of good quality.

4. A good sleep: Your eyes won't be able to thank you enough after a good sleep. Give them some rest.

5. Regular checkup: Go for regular eye checkups to keep a check on your eye health. Do not ignore your eyes.


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