Is Blood donation – Boon or Bane?

A lifesaving act is to donate blood. Donating blood can save a life of the one who is dying. Initially when there were no blood banks people were dying because of insufficiency of blood. But as medical science transformed the awareness for donating blood is in trend now. Many lives are rescued by using the compatible blood of donors.

Blood donation an act towards humanity – When a person donates blood he plays a great role in preserving humanity in the society. A bottle of blood can save the life of someone in need. The one those who are aware of its importance donates their blood every 6 months. Donating blood doesn’t make you ill on the contrary it makes your body fresh by generating new red blood cells.

Blood donation – Comes with high Risk – Blood donation is a very important task yet it comes with great risk. Unsafe blood donation leads to greater complications. It gives rise to n number of infection if it is not done with proper precautions. Although if the blood is compatible but if it is infected it infects the acceptor too and the acceptor continues to live life with that infection or disease still there are many places where no safety measures are taken to prevent blood borne diseases during blood donation. An unhealthy blood can become a bigger threat to the one who is receiving blood.

Safety measures taken during Blood donation – During blood donation certain safety measures should be taken it account. Firstly the blood of the donor and acceptor should be compatible. It should belong to either same group or compatible group to avoid body rejection of the donated blood (antigen antibody reaction). Secondly the donor should be screened for any life threatening infections like AIDS, Hepatitis B and others to prevent the transfer of them to the acceptor. Blood donation proves to be a boon for many by adding years to their life yet it can be a bane if it is done without precautions.