Effects of Nature on Health

In today's fast-paced world, we've lost touch with where we come from. Few of us actively make an effort to get out of the house to enjoy our surroundings - and for those of us living in urban regions, finding a little peace among nature is almost impossible. We must learn to make time to wind-down in nature as scientific studies suggest a strong correlation between time spent in nature and a person's well being. Evolutionarily speaking, we were hunters and gatherers. We spend all our time scouring through the lands for food and shelter. Admittedly, times have changed, and for the most part, it's for the better. We no longer have to worry about being attacked by wild animals. Through the centuries, we've grown to live in an increasingly industrialized society. Due to this, the concrete jungles we live in have become denser and denser, creating uninspiring and static surroundings that cause feelings of anxiety and stress. What we're seeing, hearing, and experiencing around us is not only changes our feelings but also how our nervous, endocrine and immune systems work. Being in an unpleasant environment can cause us to feel anxious, sad, and helpless. Studies have shown that as much as having a single plant in our homes can improve our moods It is essential to break out of the monotony of living in and around concrete walls to go out and be in nature. Exploring natural environments is a great way to get the body moving and is a great way to connect with friends. Places in untouched nature usually don't have the best network coverage either, helping us further disconnect from our hectic lives and take a breath. . Antarnaad Health services has delivered many programs where outbound workshops and Nature-walk were organised. With unique programs and events of Antarnaad, one can feel the bond of nature with self. Nature is where we come from, and it would do us great good to try to remind ourselves that ever so often. It can help us reduce feelings of anxiety and sadness; it can help build stronger resolves and inspire new ideas.