Are Your Feet Flat?

Flat feet, as the name suggests is feet without any curves and arches or we can say that it is NO ARCH or LOW ARCH. Flat feet are not considered a problem until they start bothering other body parts or pain in the feet.
Since problem at one part impacts the other parts as well so it is not surprising that people with flat feet have more chances of developing back pain due to altered alignment of the body.
Flat feet can be of two types broadly, that is, flexible and rigid. As it is clear from the name, in flexible flat feet the arches disappear when standing of bearing weight. While on the other hand, in rigid flat feet the arches are not there regardless of weight bearing status.
Flat feet can happen due to many reasons like:
1. Genetic: Flat feet can be inherited genetically. If any parent has flat feet, the probability of the child having flat feet increases.
2. Weak arches: Having weak arches that are not strong enough to bear the body's weight can lead to development of flat feet.
3. Obesity: Too much body weight puts a lot of pressure on the feet and arches leading to lowering of the arches.
4. Excessive stress on feet: Prolonged standing or walking without rest periods in between can lead to too much stress and ultimately flat feet.
5. Trauma: Flat feet can also happen due to trauma.
6. During pregnancy: Flat feet can happen due to abnormalities developed during gestation period.
Flat feet is not problematic usually. In case there is pain or any discomfort you can always use insoles or orthotics to provide arches. Stretching can also be done.

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