Are you suffering from Leg Cramps?

Have you ever experienced a sudden pain and tightness in your leg during sleep? The contraction is very sudden and stays like that only for a couple of minutes and then goes away on its own but that painful feeling stays. These are called leg cramps.

Leg cramps are a sudden involuntary contraction of your calf muscles. They can happen because of overuse of muscle, improper sitting or sitting for prolonged time, and electrolyte imbalance in the body.

75 percent of the leg cramps occur at night. These can occur to anyone of any age or gender but are more common in older adults. These can happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly varying from person to person.


You can stretch the calf muscle since it becomes tight during a cramp, stretching might help. You can stretch the calf muscle by moving your foot upward.

Massage your leg, wiggle it.

You can also apply ice or heat to relieve pain.

There are no medications or injections developed as of now to treat leg cramps.


1. Stretch your leg before going to sleep

2. Drink ample amount of water (6-8 glasses)

3. Keep your legs in comfortable position while sleeping.

4. Wear good footwear

5. Avoid sitting in poor posture for long hours.


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