Sharing and Caring

Showing compassion and empathy is one of the key values we learn as children. We're taught to be mindful of our actions and the impacts they can have. The world is a very confusing, messy, and unpredictable place, and somewhere along the way, many of us have forgotten the most basic lessons. Each of us is born in radically different environments, having our own set of experiences and ambitions. We need to be more considerate of the people around us as they are an extension of ourselves. Only by developing as a community can we hope to improve our standards of living. Caring means being able to express kindness, empathy, interest, and sorrow for others. It allows people to connect, contribute, and collaborate. It is a necessary life skill we should incorporate in our daily lives. Many people find great joy in helping others; by doing so, they feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. We should make use of the resources we're born with the betterment of our fellow beings, not to do so is to waste the gifts given to us. Many of the feelings of selfishness, competitiveness come from a very narrow mindset. We live in the 21st century, where opportunities are plenty. It's no longer a zero-sum game, which essentially means that there is enough for everyone. It means realizing that the improvement of another isn't a personal loss but instead a gain, as we grow collectively. The redistribution of wealth and education is an essential element of the nation's progress and the world. By helping those around us, we're helping ourselves. If we're all able to practice the values of caring for our fellow human beings, we can make this world a better place.