Bed Sore or Pressure sore. What to do?

Do you have anyone in your home or anywhere around you who is bedridden or has decreased mujhe mobility? If yes, then you must make sure that they don't develop pressure sores or bed sores.


It is any type of injury that happens to your skin and underlying tissues due to prolonged pressure on a certain point.

It is commonly seen in people who are bedridden and who can't move or change positions by themselves.


Yes, it is but how much healing can happen depends more or less on the degree of pressure sore or how deep it is.

If there is only some redness on the skin due to constant pressure, it can be cured with changing position and eliminating any pressure on it. But if the underlying structures that are involved are damaged or visible or there is any foul smell, then the healing takes time and complete recovery is questionable.


At home there can be two conditions, either you want to cure pressure sore or prevent it. In both cases you need to first change the patient position so that there is no further pressure on that particular point. If using diapers, make sure they are checked frequently as moisture further worsens the condition.

In case there is already a pressure sore, inform the doctor incharge and prevent development of any other pressure sore.

In hospitals, nursing staff should keep a check on it and change positions every hour. Air mattress and water beds also prove to be very beneficial in preventing bedsores.

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