Yoga for Healthy Skin

We all want to get that compliment, "Your skin looks amazing...what is your skincare routine or diet or what all products you use?" 
Everything from skincare products to diet is important for skin but what we do not know is the importance of yoga in skincare. This article revolves around this aspect only.
Start by lying on your back, legs straight and hands on the sides. Then bring your knees close to your chest as if you are hugging your legs. Keep inhaling and exhaling during hold and then relax. This pose helps in reducing acne and blemishes.
This pose proves to be give a natural glow and radiance to the skin. 
Just lie down straight on your back with hands on the sides. Slowly start raising your legs from the floor and then raise your hips. Keeping your back supported with the hands, move your legs over your head keeping your arms straight such that your toes touch the ground. Breath gently and return to the starting position.
Start with legs in kneeling position on a mat. Place your hands on the hips and tighten your buttocks. Now start arching backwards so that your chest faces the sky and hold your heels. Hold for some time and come back to the original position.
This pose is very helpful in preventing acne by balancing the hormonal level in the body.
Uttanasana gives you a healthy skin by fighting the signs of inflammation in your body. 
Keep your hands on the hips and stand straight. Take a deep breath and exhale and then bend forward maintaining your body's balance. Your feet should be firm on the ground. Hands should be resting beside your feet. You can bend your knee if not able to do it. Stay in this position for about a minute and then come back to the starting position.

Try these easy asanas daily preferably in the fresh air to get all the possible benefits for your skin. Do not forget to eat healthy and maintain the adequate water level in your body to help your skin get that healthy glow along with yoga poses.

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