Tips for Healthy Mind

To live a healthy life, you must have a healthy mind and body. Also, definition of a healthy is person is someone who is healthy physically as well as mentally. Many a times mental health is neglected as if it has no impact on our body's overall health. Everything we do is a result of the commands that our mind gives thus, our actions are result of our thoughts. So, it is very important to keep our mental health in check along with physical health. Here are some tips that you can follow to make your mind healthy. 
1. Focus on good: Good and bad things both happen in life but what matters is the aspect that you focus on. You can't control everything in life so it's better to focus on good things and stay positive.
2. Keep expectations in control: Do not keep your hopes and expectations high whether it is from yourself or from another person. Unfulfilled expectations hurt you and interfere with your mental peace.
3. Talk to people: Talk to people who care for you. Sharing helps in releasing the stress and relaxing your mind. 
4. Proper sleep: Take a good sleep of at least 6-8 hours daily as sleepy brain is a tired brain that didn't get proper rest and is less productive and efficient as compared to a normal person.
5. Be socially active: It does not mean keeping the internet and social media updated with each and everything you do. Being socially active means participating in social activities and interacting with people.
6. Spend some ME time: Take some time from your life for yourself. Even if it just means lying on bed in your room and staring at the ceiling and doing self introspection.
7. Do what you love: Spend time in doing things that you love. Follow your hobbies and interests.
8. Avoid being jealous: Be happy with other's success, your time will come. Follow this rule in life as being jealous with someone else's life won't make yours better.
9. Find satisfaction in what you have: Be happy with what you have. This doesn't mean that you should not work for getting more but cribbing about things that aren't there is like disrespecting what you have.
10. Meditate: Meditation to mind is what exercise is to body. It relaxes your mind and body and makes your thought process clear.

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