Lockjaw: What to Do?

Lockjaw or trismus is the spasm of jaw muscles that affect the jaw movements. People who suffer from this condition are not able to wide open their mouth. The cause of this condition can be medication side effects, injury to muscles, ligaments, tendons or nerve.
It can also occur due to temporomandibular joint disorders and infections.
In this condition, the person can not open their mouth more than 35 mm which is equal to 3 fingers width 
Symptoms can include:
1. Inability to completely open the mouth
2. Jaw pain
3. Headache
4. Pain in the ear
5. Stiffness in the neck muscles
6. Inflammation of oral cavity
7. Dry mouth
8. Difficulty in eating
9. Grinding of teeth
10. Dental problems due to ineffective brushing of teeth.
11. Facial swelling
1. Muscle relaxants can be given to relieve muscle spasm and thus unlock the jaw.
Commonly, Botox injection is given to relax the spasm.
2. Aspirin can also be used to relieve pain.
1. Heat can be used as a way to reduce muscle spasm.
2. Massage: It improve blood to the jaw and relaxes the chewing muscles.
3. Exercises: Stretching and strengthening exercises can aid in relief from lockjaw by releasing it.
4. Devices: There are devices available in the market like bite openers, mouth openers, tongue blades etc that can be used to reduce the symptoms and complications of lockjaw.

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