A healthy lifestyle helps improve your physical, mental and emotional health. So, look after your health by watching what you eat, being physically active, having an active social life, getting plenty of rest, not drinking too much alcohol and not smoking.

What are the benefits of healthy lifestyles?

  •  It reduces the risk of most diseases, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes
  •  It improves your joint stability, flexibility, strength, stamina and range of movement
  •  It helps to maintain flexibility, balance and coordination as you age
  • It is important for maintaining bone density, preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures
  • It is helpful in reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and improving your sense of wellness and mood
  •  It improves self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Ultimately it increases the length of your life.

Being physically fit means you are less likely to get injured doing physical activity or in everyday life. If you do get injured, you will recover quicker than if you were unfit. 

How you can prevent your health from various diseases?

1.     Avoid disease by practicing good personal hygiene like, by drinking only clean water, cleansing and sanitizing laundry and living areas, minimizing close contact with infected persons, implementing good dental care, following cough and sneeze protocols, and wearing appropriate protective gear.

2.     Prepare your body to fight germs that cannot be avoided by obtaining recommended immunizations (vaccinations).

3.     Make your lifestyle choices that can build resistance to disease and help overcome illness by choosing good nutrition and diet, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep.

You can do simple treatment  at home, but some problems may require consultation with a health care worker or professional.


Some precautions to avoid health issues: 

With appropriate preparation, you can maintain good health while traveling in unfamiliar areas. So, before traveling, consider few things:

·         Hygiene practices

·         Availability of clean water

·         Food preparation customs, special immunizations needed

·          Prescription medications available

·         First aid.

·         Consume only foods that have been properly cared for and prepared in a sanitary environment.

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